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‘Your Countryside Needs You’! Yes it needs you to get out and about to give your feet a fine walk whilst enjoying the many and varied paths and tracks criss-crossing this lovely part of Scotland. Walking is great fun, it is healthy, fascinating and best of all it is free! Now how could anyone living in this area refuse such a great offer?

Some years ago the Formartine Partnership produced a series of leaflets about walking in the area.

Each leaflet gave details of a specific walk with written directions and a map of the route, making it easy for everyone and anyone to find a site near them. From places on the coast to others in the Ythan valley, the original leaflets provided details of fifteen separate walks suitable for all ages and abilities. The leaflets were produced as a pack and were so popular that they sold out in a few months and had to be reprinted.

Now in an attempt to make these walking routes more available to a much wider audience the Formartine Partnership has spent a lot of time and effort to get them all onto their website, and at the click of a mouse’s whisker, anybody can get access to them; they are all online.

Each walk has been checked and confirmed as safe and easily completed. They range from a trip to the coast at Balmedie to a fine walk out at Turriff. Distances are provided in the text for each of the walks and this is accompanied by notes about points of interest that may be seen, facilities available such as parking and toilets, and much more. All of this makes for each walk to be followed easily and pleasantly. No one will require a compass and expert map reading skills to be able to follow each of the walks, they are all well signed or along obvious paths and tracks or quiet country roads.

There are so many benefits from walking and the Formartine area is a fine place to enjoy being out in the great outdoors. There is a wealth of wildlife to see, ancient castles and monument to find as well as learning about the area’s past human history, to be found in old villages and other manmade features. So boots on, and off you go on a journey of discovery.

Download Haddo Link Path Walk - NEW FOR 2018!
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Best Foot For-Martine-Ward

Written By Bob Davis

In Scotland’s far east corner close by the grey North Sea

Lies an area called Formartine where Ythan flows swift and free

This gently rolling terra firma is edged with golden sand

Whilst craggy cliffs play their part in sheltering the land

It’s here the rainbow headed puffin comes ashore to breed

Flying beneath the wave tossed sea its offspring for to feed

Away from shore towards the west where farmers ceaseless toil

The fields grow heavy with their crops upon the rich red soil

There are roads and lanes and byways, tracks and trails as well

Criss-crossing open country then plying down through wooded dell

For all and everybody there is a walking route

Through village, wood, or Country Park you’ll find a path to suit

It keeps one fit and healthy making daily life a pleasure

With wildlife sightings by the score thrown in for good measure

Round a bend and gaze in awe as roe dash out of sight

Then wide-eyed watch as from a marsh a snipe zigzags in flight

The landscape is spectacular overtopped by a vast blue sky

There’s beauty and there’s fascination along every path you ply

Where horses trod and carts once plied and steam trains sped along

These ways make ideal walking as the skylark trills its song

Formartine’s ancient castles all tell history in their stones

There are woods and glades for solitude if one wants to be alone

There’s Forvie and there’s Fyvie, there’s Turra and its Coo

From bonny Gight to old Den Wood there’s a path that’s made for you

So don your woolly bunnet, lace up tight your walking boots

And seek out some or all of Formartine’s tramping routes