Formartine Partnership help groups to find funding for their projects by:

  • Suggesting appropriate funders for the project from the hundreds available;
  • Advising groups how they can strengthen a funding application by strengthening the group’s governance or the project’s support within the community;
  • Helping groups with filling in the application forms; or
  • Reviewing their application form before it is sent away.

Much of this support can be face to face if required.

The partnership is delighted to fund and support the Rural Youth Transport Financial Assistance Scheme.

The Rural Youth Transport Financial Assistance Scheme provides funds to youth groups and young people’s clubs in order to help them offset the cost of transport when they travel to events within Aberdeenshire and the City which has an educational or personal development element.

Download Rural Youth Transport Scheme of Financial Assistance Application Form

We administer two funds on behalf of the Formartine Area Committee of Aberdeenshire Council :

  1. Town and Village Enhancement Grant Scheme.

This scheme provides up to £500 funding in any one year to any community in Formartine (£1,000 to larger communities- Ellon, Turriff, Oldmeldrum and Balmedie) for projects designed to improve the overall appearance and amenity of the local area.

Download Town and Village Enhancement- Application form

  1. The Formartine Beginning to Blossom fund for participating schools.

This scheme provides funding of up to £100 in any one year to any Primary School in Formartine, which enters Formartine Beginning to Blossom, for projects designed to make the best use of their school grounds, for environmental education purposes, and to improve their appearance and make them more attractive.

Please contact for more information.

Useful locally-based Funds

  1. Formartine Area Committee Budget Grant Scheme

(Previously known as the Top-up Scheme)

This scheme supports the implementation of the Area Community Plan, assists communities in realising their ambitions for their area and resolves problems arising in area service delivery. Grants are awarded up to a maximum of 75% of a project’s costs normally up to a limit of £5,000.

Download FAC Grant Scheme- Application form

Please contact for more information.

  1. The Formartine Community Planning Group fund

The Formartine Community Planning Group has a small funding scheme which is open to Community Planning Partners, who work in partnership with one or more other organisation. The funding should be used to enhance existing provision or new projects which will make a difference to the Communities in Formartine.

  • Community benefit from local wind farm operators.

There is a partial database of community benefit from windfarms on Local Energy Website but it is very incomplete. Alternatively, the local windfarm operator could be approached to see if they operate a community benefit scheme and establish whether your project is eligible.

Useful National Funders 

  1. Awards For All Scotland

This fund gives grants of between £500 and £10,000 for projects that aim to help improve local communities and the lives of people most in need. It covers a range of projects which involve bringing local people together, helping people learn, improving local spaces and getting people more active.

Visit Awards for All Scotland web site.

  1. Foundation Scotland

Foundation Scotland provides a number of grant programmes, which can be categorised as express grants, community benefit funds or large grants.   Their website contains a full list of grants available.

Useful Large National Funders

1.      Big Lottery Fund in Scotland administers a range of funding programmes- Improving Lives, Community Led Activity, Community Assets and the Scottish Land fund. See:

2.      North Aberdeenshire LEADER has recently opened. See:

Funding Databases

Useful funding databases and can be found at Buchan Development Partnership and also on BGRANTnet which has a database of over 5,000 funds.