Community Projects


Formartine Partnership work closely with community groups

Often on a face-to-face basis- to help them achieve a wide range of aspirations such as building or upgrading:-

Village halls; Sports facilities, Community centres, Heritage projects, Community cafes, Social enterprises, Renewable energy projects, Play parks, Village improvements, Allotments and Community gardens.

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We offer support throughout the process:- Helping with local fundraising; Firming the project up; Demonstrating community support and need; Identifying suitable grants and Completing the funding application forms.

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For larger projects, grant-awarding bodies also often require:

  • Re-assurance that an applicant group is robust;
  • Evidence of strong community support and need; and
  • Business plans which demonstrate that the project is financially viable.

We can help with strengthening groups and their committees, updating and improving constitutions, consulting the community for endorsement and developing business plans too.