Community Consultations


The Formartine Partnership is able to facilitate Community Consultation exercises in both of the main situations in which they are needed:

  1. When a project group wishes to demonstrate community support for its project and obtain endorsement for its plans;
  2. When a Community Council wish to identify and prioritise issues that are affecting the whole community with a view to improving the quality of life in that community.

Two main consultation methods are usually used: Planning for Real® and Community Action Surveys, Consultation Methods though on-line surveys are also being tried out.

Once the results of either method are collated and analysed, a public meeting is arranged for the community to endorse the results and work out its priorities and these are included in a Community Action Plan (CAP).

Community Action Plans are very useful for they record the wishes of that community in a single publication and are used to inform plans, policies and actions by statutory agencies. In Aberdeenshire, these plans form the building blocks of the Community Plans for both the Shire and each of its six administrative areas.

Download Action Plans Below
Udny Community Action Plan 2012   Newburgh Community Action Survey 2012   Belhelvie Parish Community Action Plan 2015   Balmedie Views Report 2009  rothienorma_community_action_planAuchterless_Inverkeithny_Fisherford_Community_ Action_ Plan_15
CAPs are also useful for groups applying for funding, for inclusion of its project in a Community Action Plan demonstrates that the project has been considered, supported and endorsed at both the community level and at the local authority level.